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Archwilde book title

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A hidden doorway  unlocks a power that could save her kingdom ...

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     Julia is devoted to training with her village’s Townsguard, protecting and providing for her community. Her life is full of warmth and purpose, despite being raised by her stern grandmother in the cold and inaccessible Northern Isles. But when her twentieth birthday arrives and Julia officially comes of age, her grandmother shares secrets of their past that will change the course of Julia’s life forever. 

     Thrown into a world of magic, intrigue and murder, Julia finds herself hunted by Azor Torr, a tyrant king bent on destroying everything to get to her. But she also finds new friends, family, allies—and most unexpectedly, love.

     With the fate of two nations hanging in the balance, Julia must learn to use her newly discovered powers to stop King Azor from his legacy of blood magic and devastation. Julia’s quest reveals her true purpose as a protector, and a destiny greater than she could have ever imagined.

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Book Reviews

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A compelling Tale of Sword and Sorcery

"A compelling tale of sword and sorcery with a healthy helping of romance thrown in. Archwilde kept me interested with a a tale full of adventure and great characters who brought my emotions to the surface! A well written, interesting, book. If you’re looking for a good read that paints you pictures as you read and keeps you on the edge of your seat, this is a book for you!"

– F. Susan

What An Adventure!! 

"This was my first dive back into reading fantasy and I'm delighted with my choice. Archewilde takes you on an amazing adventure and I can't wait to see what comes next in the series. There's twists and turns along the way that made me anxious to see how things would played out. Well written characters that had me loving some and absolutely loathing others which I've always considered a testament of great writing. A touch of romance that didn't leave me wanting to skip over bits better left to the imagination. Archewilde is truly a well rounded book. Marcy left enough ends to keep me intrigued for the next book in the series but also wrapped up the book in a way that left me completely satisfied. Can't wait for more!"

– Teagan V.


Exciting world with a storyline that keeps moving forward


“Archwilde is a story set in troubled times, with characters that kept me wondering what was going to happen next. Julia learns that she is not who she thought she was, and she must come to terms with who she really is. A small part of the plot is predictable, but much needed to make the story progress, and I was invested in the outcome. Although the evil is truly evil and the good does win, it is the way these factions are portrayed that kept me reading. In the end this is a story of magic, obsession, love, and duty. I hope there will be more! I was given an advanced reader copy for my honest opinion.”      

– Wynne L.


I Could Not Put This Book Down

"I could not put this book down! Even though this a thick book it was a pretty fast read for me. It reads a bit like a fantasy tv show or limited series- I could visualize everything in vivid detail throughout. The characters are so distinct and exciting. I also love the undertones of feminism throughout the book and the strong, compassionate female leaders there are in it. I hope this becomes a series, I want more!!"

​– Amy B.

An Exciting Fantasy Story


“I had such a good time reading this book. Propelled by well-developed characters, especially with the main character Julia, the story takes you on a ride that doesn't let up in the best way possible. And can I just say that I love how magic is used - it feels different than how I've seen magic employed in other books. If fantasy books are your thing, then Archwilde is totally up your alley. And if you're not into fantasy, check it out anyway! Sidenote: This looks to be the first book in a series and I was a worried that the story would continue to another book (alas, getting to the end and finding out that nothing's been resolved...) BUT this is fortunately a self-contained story. I can definitely see the potential of future stories set in this world so that's cool.”                

 – Bushra B.

Fantasy Fun For Everyone!

"Full disclosure, I am not a big fantasy book reader but I decided to take a chance - I was not disappointed! If you love movies like "The Princess Bride", "Army of Darkness", "Labyrinth", or even the new D&D movie, you will love this book. It feels like your favorite fantasy comfort movie on VHS, but it's still new in its nature to surprise you. Equal parts nostalgia and excitement, I highly recommend this book to anyone, both new fantasy readers and seasoned ones will get something out of it."

– Timothy W.

 Thrilling and Refreshing Fantasy Novel To Read

“This story so compelling and deep. Archwilde’s adventure sucks you in from the beginning. The rich setting of the story brings every character to life. I love that I learn not only about the main character but the neighboring realms and how everyone’s decisions can alter fate. This story has the familiarity of a fantasy novel but throws out most of the tropes authors tend to lean on which makes this story really refreshing to read. The plot kept me guessing and glued till the end. This novel is for those who love fantasy, magic, and political thrillers. Highly would recommend this book to older teenagers and adults. I am excited to see more from this author!”      

– Salem C.

archwilde is an epic fantasy adventure!


"I picked this book up because I needed a distraction from real-world stress, and it worked some serious magic on me. By the end, I could not put it down — it was like the pages had me under a spell. I recommend Archwilde for anyone who appreciates great fantasy stories where captivating characters face heart-wrenching challenges (including everything from battling otherworldly beasts to building relationships in a world where trusting anyone feels hazardous). Grateful to Marcy Dewey Mahoney for taking me on this journey."     


– Lisa B.

Amazing Story!


“I came to this story not knowing what to expect, and was completely blown away. This world and cast of characters are so real and well-drawn that I both couldn't read fast enough and never wanted the story to end. If you like Lois McMaster Bujold's Paladin of Souls, or Elizabeth Moon's Paksenarrion trilogy, you will love this book also. Pick up this book and enjoy, you will not regret it!”      


– Mom2Two

I couldn't put it down


“This book… I legit could not stop reading! I just loved it. From the very start, my mind spun in all different directions as I tried to figure out each character’s situation and how they were all interwoven. I’ll admit, there were a few twists I definitely didn’t see coming, and I ended up enjoying the book even more because of that. This book has it all… romance, betrayal, murder, mystery, action. Even if fantasy isn’t your favorite genre, you’ll come to love the characters and cheer for good over evil. Hoping for a follow up book. Though the author gave us a very satisfying ending, I’m excited to see where it could go next.”      


– Kelly W.

Absolutely Love This Book!


“When I heard what this story was about, I had to jump on it as I absolutely love a mix of fantasy and mystery. The book is very well written and honestly kept me wanting to read more and more. The story has a nice mix of surprises, placing you on edge and wondering what will happen next. I highly recommend for anyone wanting a good fantasy book to read.”      


– Alexandra R.


Awesome characters and plot!


“I loved this book!”      


– Ellen W.

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